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Finding used electric cars for sale was quite hard only for a few years ago, and new electric cars for sale did often have a very long delivery time. But the selection of electric cars for sale is getting better all the time. Electric cars for sale are also something that now a day is advertised in the media all the time, and also other places you’ll find that electric cars, hybrid cars and fuel cells are getting a lot of attention. Consumers have many reasons for their continuing interest in these kinds of vehicles. These electric powered cars create less pollution than gasoline powered cars and are also getting cheaper to use as the prices of gasoline price are increasing.

Today you have several alternatives if you want to buy an electric car, and there are many new and used electric cars for sale. Below we have mentioned some of the most common electric cars for sale, but you can also find many other electric cars and some of the electric cars for sale look exactly like normal gasoline cars. You can even find big electric trucks for sale, but most people that buys an electric car prefers a light car that can run as long as possible on each charge.

Th!nk City is an electric car for sale produced by the Norwegian company Think Global, and is one of two electric cars that are crash-tested and highway-certified. The first models of the car were developed by a Norwegian company called Pivco that was founded in 1991, and the cars were sold in USA and Europe. In 1999 Ford bought Pivco and leased the model of more than 1,000 in quantity comprising the world’s biggest EV fleet. But in 2004, much of the surprise for the environmentalists, Ford sold Think to a European company which undergo bankruptcy in 2006. The firm’s remnants were bought by a group of Norwegian investors that are looking forward to introduce the vehicle again in the US market under the name Th!nk City.

Tango is another novel electric car for sale offered and developed by Spokane-based Commuter Cars Corp. It is two-passenger vehicle, one behind the other as patterned in a motorcycle. This super slim design, battery driven vehicle is very effective during traffic hours making it easy to slip in and out of traffic lanes and parking spaces.

The NMG, acronym for No More Gas, is an electric car for sale that is partly car and partly motorcycle. It can hit 70mph and has an average price of less than $25,000.

Zap Xebra was introduced to the public this summer, and the cost is under $10,000. This electric car is perfect for going around the town and can easily do 40 to 50 mph.

Toyota has mainly been focusing on their hybrid car called Prius, which are cars with both an electric engine and a gasoline engine. General Motors is planning to launch the sexy and sleek Volt in 2010 and BMW is developing a hydrogen powered engine forecasting it to be ready in less than ten years. Rumors have been scattered that Mercedes-Benz is planning to eliminate gas powered engines from the entire fleet by 2015. That will be the forecasts, a pretty challenging a bold effort.

As the battery technology advances well, we will see many more electric cars for sale with different model and innovations.

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