Electric Cars and How They Work


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Most of the people in this world have two choices, whether they will either drive a car or just ride in a vehicle in their entire lifetime. Most of these vehicles have been powered up by either diesel or gasoline fuel. Although these types of cars have been the typical standard for nearly a century now, electric cars have started evading and making an impact of the automotive industry. They are the cleanest and most reliable engines available in the market today, so itís equally important to learn electric cars and how they work.

Electric cars and how they work have been so popular recently and had showed up in the news all the time. Because of its negative effect of increasing the environment pollution, few people would recommend giving up their cars, but eventually there is a way we can have the convenience of an automobile without compromising the environment from pollution and expenses incurred by burning gasoline. Fortunately, there is a solution, generating power not by gasoline, but by electricity. Electric cars and how they work are not futuristic at all; they have been around in the first half of the 19th century.

What are electric cars and how they work? An electric car is powered by an electric motor in replacement to the gasoline engine. From the outside appearance, one would have no idea that the car is electric. Generally, electric cars and how they work are made possible by the conversion of the gasoline powered car. When driving an electric car, the most common clue to the nature of the design is the fact that it is silent.

There are a lot of differences between a gasoline and electric cars. That is why knowing more on electric cars and how they work makes a difference. Gasoline engine had been replaced by an electric motor. Controller is the provider of the power for electric motor. And the controller is powered by an array of rechargeable batteries. A gasoline car is a plumbing project with its fuel lines, coolant hoses, exhaust pipes and intake manifold, while the electric car is unquestionably a wiring project.

Conventional car owners are amazed by the idea of having an electric car and how it works awakens their curiosity. Commonly, electric vehicles are simple. Rather than burning the fossil fuel to produce force, electric cars and how they work utilize the ability of power induction to generate torque form the electrical motor. The relation is directly proportional, that is, the more electricity flowing through the motor, the greater the force it will be generating. Ever since, the cost of gasoline had reached new heights, having a car run has been an expensive ordeal. It is then apprehensible that most of the car owners have been interested on electric cars and how they work.

The conversion involves the removal of the internal combustion engine, fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel lines and radiator. The whole system has to be replaced with an electrical motor and lead acid batteries. Try imagining the components that have the fluid running on it will be replaced with wire connectors. This is the basic idea on electric cars and how they work.

Some of the existing drive system of the car which includes the transmission, clutch system and the drive shafts can still be used. The electric motor will be matched to the transmission, drawing power from batteries. The quantity of the batteries that are needed will largely depend on the weight of the car and the horsepower of the motor.

Hybrid electric cars and how they work is also an essential thing to know, because they had been considered as one of the symbolic and famous symbols of the automotive technology functions like a traditional internal combustion engines by the combination of a battery powered electric motor, which takes more work. This permits the cars to have similar performance in comparison to the conventional gasoline powered cars but with a much lesser gasoline consumption, and in general increases the fuel efficiency. Generally, hybrid cars donít need to be plugged in to charge its batteries.

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