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Advantages of electric cars had been the topic and the material of popular imaginations when it comes for the environmentally and economically minded decades. It was only on the past decade that electric cars have been popular in the automobile market. Even though, itís a new and advanced technology, advantages of electric cars have been enjoyed and had created a viable niche market in the automotive technology and they potentially grow with time.

The usage of battery electric cars that are using chemical energy stored battery packs that are rechargeable are getting more and more attractive and captivating with the advancement and progress of the new Lithium Ion battery technology that have higher energy density and power which provides with greater possibility of acceleration and greater range compared with other batteries.
The main advantages of electric cars are firstly, there will be no pollutants that are emitted directly by the car itself, thus reducing the urban population. Harmful emissions are then eliminated, helping the environment. It further contributes to the greenhouse effect because itís completely environment friendly. This is not related into additional pollutants that are being emitted by fossil power plant in creating electricity, although, there is a much easier method in dealing with these kinds of centralized pollution.
The other advantages of electric cars involves the use of gasoline is indirectly replaced by any means that have been used to produce domestic electricity, reducing the dependence on foreign trade goods. This electrical energy that is stored within the battery can be produced at any source, which includes renewable coal, nuclear, natural gas and petroleum.
Moreover, there are many reasons for the increasing demands and popularity because of the additional advantages of electric cars. Even though electric cars are however in high-dollar stage, they are still not too costly to buy. The price of ten thousand dollars, when taken home just gets better. Gas bill can be eliminated completely and can save hundreds of dollars on your monthly gas costs. IRS will also give tax credits for having driven with a clean fuel. You can save a lot because you will only need about $2 for the charging and re charging your electric car. With the single charge, you can drive for the maximum of 120 to 150 miles and can reach acceleration speeds of 50 miles per hour. Improvement of its horsepower is just easy to acquire a better engine performance. Maintenance cost will then be reduced, and eventually, you can start enjoying the smooth and quiet ride advantages of electric cars.

Have the auto shop paid to render the conversion for you will just cost you at least 3,000 dollars, but a few dollars will only be acquired if youíll do it by yourself. Parts like the power controller, rechargeable batteries, miscellaneous bolts and nuts, power conductors and fuses are readily available in local hardware and are commonly at an affordable price. This will eventually be one of the great advantages of electric cars.

For the case of hybrid vehicles, advantages of electric cars have been evident since they have been utilizing both ICEs (Internal combustion engine) and the electric motors for propulsion. They are operating on the charge-sustaining mode and cannot be externally charged. But there are cases that their batteries can be charged externally to move out their ICE power and the gasoline fuel used are termed as PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The advantages of electric cars here is that they can be charged from an off-vehicle electrical energy source that is not directly coupled or connected to the vehicle in any way while it is being driven.
Desiring on saving up to $1,000 on gas per year? Then have your car converted to electric motors, enjoy the advantages of electric cars and people will just appreciate you for using this technology.

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